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gives numerous guarantees

  • Zardiamond gives individual the opportunity of investing in real estates without putting much, starting from as little $150. The benefit of investing in real estates are numerous; Our primarily concern is to build wealth for everyone and gives a guarantee in co-owning Real estates, just by using individual joint coins.


  • ZD Crypto Currency ✔
  • Real Estate Shares✔
  • Passive Income For Investors✔
  • Crypto currency appreciation✔
  • Excellent Monthly Returns✔
  • Diversification✔
  • Property Sharing Agreement✔
1 ZD = $150
You may purchase as many ZD's as per your requirements, remember that many ZD's many Real Estates Shares.
Zardiamond Price

do small things which benefits you - do it with great love?

Investing in coins is what matters most! and Real estate’s value increase every year which gives coin investors an opportunity to live big in the industry and also in the series of crypto currencies revolution, Zardiamond stands on its own to lead real estate’s globally using block chain and while enjoying appreciation in exchange.

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minimum deposit $150

1 ZD = $150 


Our Team Gets 50% of ZD's you buy

, we use them for Coin Development ,  Marketing, etc ( You are buying Zardiamond Coin- Non Refundable.)

Goal: $


Your wallet is credited with 40% of what you paid,  this is your Equity Capital.( Withdrawable)

Goal: $

We Risk 10% of your Invested Capital, which might generate monthly income for you. ( Non Refundable, is a work in progress) Check on the 25th of every month to see your wallet increase, this is done on the order of Bitcoin movements, check the below Bitcoin graph.

Goal: $

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Zardiamond  abbrevated as (ZD) is an ERC24 crypto currency and a simple multi crypto currency exchange platform that uses a decentralised peer to peer exchange and a swap technology. Users can transact the following;
Building your future with Zardiamond! , Co-own real estates and other properties just by investing in our coins.
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Safety store, send and receive crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zardiamond and others. Access exchange platform.
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Building Properties

One of our growth strategies is to buy land to build different properties both locally and internationally. Investors rely on us to identify income-producing real estate investment opportunities.

Purchase Existing Properties

We buy different homes both locally and internationally to rent it out to short and long term tenants, and generate revenue.

Fix And Flip

We might try this but is not our major focus since we do not have much time to conduct repairs and renovations to make profit however if there is much need we can do it.

Idea Strength

We are more concentrated on industrial, commercial and residential properties. This will be working even in years to come, there will always be one who needs a place to live in and also there will be one who needs a place to shop.

Investors Return

Good news is that everyone who invested in our coins offering will be able to earn, and the proportion of their investment. Investors will have earnings forever as long as their properties remain in existence.


We are pleased to provide or publish monthly report with analytics and trends so that all investors have a broader understanding of every fund movements concerning the Initial Coin Offering.

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Every new user will automatically becomes a teacher, meaning you become available to help other people by providing them with information of how Zardiamond works, remember to give them your referral link in order to be credited with $15
A full list of Zardiamond Teachers
Join our affiliates and earn a lucrative 40% of what we make on each sale of ZD. Each ZD cost $150 and we get $75. We then split it in this way, we get $45 and the other $30 is credited to our referrer partner account instantly. Share your referral link, the more you share the more opportunities you create for yourself. 
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Having a question or need assistance? Our dedicated customer service team are ready to help 24/7.

zardiamond coin calculator

This coin calculator is made for calculating the 10% of your invested capital. Your 10% Zardiamond coins will move in the sequence of Bitcoin since is in its ICO stage ( initial Coin Offering), meaning; when Bitcoin value appreciate with 32% in a given month then your 10% invested capital coins will be credited with 32% and vice versa. Coin Investors may check their wallet on every 25th to see the progress. Practical example, Kgethego had $5000 which is 10% of her invested capital, it was then risked for her, fortunately the Bitcoin price increased about 50% in that month; we then credited her wallet account with the profit only of $2500, the remaining $5000 is risked again and again for every month. $5000 X 50% = $2500