Since 2021

company information

Zardiamond(PTY)Ltd is an international company that is headquartered and registered in South African and is popularly known and abbreviated as ZD. 

ZD is the first ( ERC 20 ) Crypto currency own and developed by South Africans and also is the global multi crypto currency exchange where people may safely store, send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance coin , Zardiamond and others. 

Investment opportunities 

Zardiamond gives every individual an opportunity to co-own real estate’s just by buying few Zardiamond Coins. We combine all investors’ coins to buy Real Estates across the world. 

Each individual is then assigned to a particular property project where he will be able to receive income from rented houses, not only that will you get; Investors stand a better chance in benefiting from ZD rise over time, who know that Bitcoin which started at $1 per coin would be between $50 000 - $100000 per coin today? (Year 2021). 

Allocation of Funds 

Once Zardiamond Administrators allocate your investments to specific properties, you will automatically receive their respective income rent and capital gain without the hurdle of managing anything. 


It is also thought that crypto currencies will help break down the barriers to finance in developing nations. For example, crypto currencies could easily be accessed via mobile phones in countries without banking infrastructure.
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